HWRC CCTV Monitoring Leads to Arrests

  Committed to Vigilance At Farsight we take our mantra, ‘Committed to Vigilance,’ very seriously.  As Europe’s largest purpose-built alarm receiving and remote CCTV  monitoring centre, we are packed with…

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Professional cctv technician working

Where to Position CCTV Cameras in Your Business

Installing security cameras on commercial premises is becoming a trend as companies look to prevent theft and vandalism throughout the year. CCTV surveillance systems supplemented by remote monitoring services are…

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Working with end-users

Why customer assessments matter

The idea for this blog came up off the back of a PSI panel we recently contributed towards (if you don’t know of PSI or the monthly panel debate they…

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Building site CCTV

CCTV vs Burglar Alarms

Recently the chief inspector for South Cambridgeshire Constabulary flagged up an interesting debate – should businesses and homeowners be considering CCTV over, and above, burglar alarms? Chief inspector James Sutherland…

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