We’re dedicated to providing the very best remote monitoring services. We invest in innovation, ongoing training and cutting-edge technology to make sure we provide 24/7 monitoring with unbeatable reliability, quality and transparency.

What are remote monitoring services?

Remote monitoring is when a control centre (also known as a remote monitoring station) is connected to a site’s security and/or building control systems. Skilled operators at the control centre then monitor activity at the site.

The moment unusual activity occurs the control centre team will immediately investigate and act appropriately – never letting your site go vulnerable.

Using the latest technology and trained personnel we vigilantly monitor systems such as CCTV and intruder alarms through to lighting, temperature, access control and phone lines.

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We offer a full range of remote monitoring services…

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We also offer bespoke remote monitoring services, where we tailor the remote monitoring solution to the unique needs of your site. For example, if your building is at risk from a flood we can monitor water levels. Or, if your site has an internal monitoring station, we can provide emergency backup in case of a critical incident.

How can remote monitoring services work for my site?

Remote monitoring services improve the security and control of any facility or site. Click on the links below to find out more:

Choosing the right remote monitoring station

The Farsight remote monitoring station, also known as ‘The Observatory’, is a purpose built, high security compound where our team of 40-plus highly trained and motivated staff work shifts around the clock.

Find out more about the Farsight Observatory.

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