Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring services provide commercial properties, business locations and construction sites with a peace of mind security solution that doesn’t require the hiring of additional security staff around the clock. With Farsight remotely monitoring your CCTV systems, you have the assurance of 24/7 security in place that is cost-effective and managed by highly skilled and reactive personnel.

Remote CCTV Monitoring can deter intruders through the implementation of audio warnings and ensuring immediate action is always taken, whether by contacting key-holders or emergency services, to minimise both risk and damage to property and assets. When using remote CCTV monitoring in your business, recorded footage can only be retrospectively reviewed: after the damage has already occurred and the intruder has likely already left the area.

There are upwards of 5.9 million CCTV cameras in the UK and that number is growing – secure your business effectively and efficiently with remote monitoring CCTV services from Farsight.

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How does Farsight’s remote CCTV monitoring service work?

  1. Live CCTV images are routed via your internet connection from your CCTV cameras onsite to the servers at our CCTV monitoring station, the Farsight Observatory.
  2. Choose at the time of set-up whether you require the connection between the Farsight Observatory and your security system to be live at all times or automatically switched on at the end of the working day.
  3. The Farsight Observatory uses specially designed CCTV monitoring software to ensure that as soon as an alarm is triggered on your site or activity has been detected, a live feed of the incident gets routed to the screen of our highly-trained security professionals.
  4. Once connected to your live feed, our professional operators have full manual control over your active CCTV cameras, able to pan and zoom cameras, switch active cameras for a better view, and rerun recent footage.

If we identify risk to your site, we react immediately

  • We contact the emergency services
  • We contact you (or the keyholder, depending on your security instructions)
  • And we communicate with intruders, sending audio deterrent warnings via loudspeaker.

Nine times out of ten our audio deterrent warning is enough to drive the intruders away.

As our professional security staff are watching and reporting on live footage, emergency services will react immediately to investigate the issue. In comparison, if it was a static alarm signal, without the visual verification we provide, the incident may be deprioritised by emergency services, leading to longer response times and increased potential for damage or theft.

Why choose Farsight Security Services?

Never be in the dark about what goes on at your premises again…Everything we do is fully transparent.

Our renowned fault tracking & incident reporting platform – YourSight,  allows us to communicate seamlessly, giving you full transparency, secure access and real-time notifications when it counts.

You can log on to our system, using YourSight, at any time to see what’s going on at your premises and at our remote monitoring station. In addition, you can request past footage from up to 35 days and where necessary, and you can even combine Fire and Intruder Alarm monitoring with your CCTV system for complete security ‘peace of mind’.

By combining the records on YourSight with the reports we issue, you can start to see hidden patterns in security incidents:

  • Are night-shift staff propping open fire doors?
  • Is there a particular time of night favoured by intruders?
  • What is their preferred route into your site?

Here at Farsight, we go beyond the industry standards and continually work towards achieving and maintaining the highest accreditations. When you choose Farsight as your CCTV monitoring company, you can have peace of mind that our highly trained staff will react rapidly to activity alerts and alarm activations – working closely with emergency services to ensure the ongoing safety and security of your your premises, assets and people.

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Which CCTV Systems do we monitor for remote CCTV monitoring

Farsight collaborates with leading CCTV Systems manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring that we are able to offer our security monitoring services to the widest range of compatible equipment in the industry.

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