Remote Access Control

Farsight’s remote access control services provide flexible and constantly reliable security without the costly presence of on-site guards. With our access control management services, you can rest assured that no unauthorised personnel or intruders can gain access to your site. Ensuring the security of your business and its assets and the safety of your staff while allowing your business to run at full efficiency.

Why choose access control services?

All sites, both large and small, need to ensure that their assets are protected at all times from unauthorised use, unrestricted access, theft and damage. Farsight’s remote access control services provide that necessary protection around the clock for your peace of mind.

Through the use of CCTV surveillance cameras, our professional observation team based in the Farsight Observatory, can authorise individuals requesting access to your site or property through visual verification. Once verified, individuals can be granted access for entry to or exit from the premises, while unverified and unauthorised visitors will be denied access.

How does access control work?

Access Control means restricting the movement of people or vehicles to your premises. Farsight acts as a virtual bouncer, only granting access to authorised visitors.

Farsight receives the access request and our operators can identify if the visitor is authorised or not. If CCTV is installed on your site, operators can patrol cameras to verify the person requesting access , then can take the appropriate action.

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How do you know if remote access control is right for you?

If your site ticks any of the boxes below get in touch with Farsight to find out how we could provide secure and reliable access control monitoring:

  • Unmanned sites: Farsight can provide entry for authorised maintenance or service teams alongside remote security monitoring across your location.
  • Out-of-hours access: No need for onsite security around the clock or keyholder calls at 2 am as authorised staff can be granted access outside of manned operation hours, without compromising site security.
  • Monitoring entries and exits: Actively monitor and keep up-to-date records of any individual or individuals requesting entrance or leaving your premises.
  • Workforce protection: Protect your workforce against unauthorised intruders and unrecognised visitors that could compromise safety or security with remote access control as a service.
  • 24/7 access for efficient operation: Will you require access to your site around the clock for service teams or delivery drivers? Farsight remote access control services keep your business working efficiently while maintaining the highest quality security.


Find out more about Farsight’s remote monitoring services and the industry standards we comply with and exceed. We can provide a fully bespoke package covering all aspects of onsite security including CCTV remote monitoring, fire alarm monitoring and intruder alarm monitoring, alongside detailed video analytics for determining high traffic areas.

Together we can ensure the safety, well-being and security of your onsite staff and property with a tailored security solution that accommodates your business monitoring requirements.

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