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By investing in remote monitoring services from Farsight you’ll be investing in reliable, trustworthy security that offers absolute transparency.

At Farsight we: provide a bespoke remote monitoring package designed specifically for your site, offer a cost-effective solution to preventing and reducing security risks, save you thousands of pounds in potential losses through undetected fire and theft and we are transparent with full reporting on our performance and the security of your site

Is remote monitoring right for your business and site?

At Farsight we have experience monitoring sites in a huge range of sectors and of all shapes and sizes – whether they are closed sites with full perimeter fencing or open sites, like solar farms or even partially open and closed sites like car forecourts.

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Remote video surveillance brings 24-hour peace of mind. Your site can be connected to our remote monitoring station 24/7, 365 days a year, according to a schedule or just when you need it – overnight, at weekends or when your own security team is short-staffed.

Fully automated CCTV monitoring also gives you the management tools to start analysing your security issues.

Through the YourSight platform you can review every incident online, either instantly or days later. Not only that but with SureSight and Insight CCTV packages you’ll also have access to a CCTV portal, where you can review footage and your cameras live at any time.

Harnessing the information via YourSight and the CCTV portal will help you manage supplier performance and stay in control of your risks.

To find out how remote video surveillance can simplify your company-wide security, call us today on 0845 371 0101.

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How can I get remote monitoring services for my site?

Setting up remote monitoring for your site is simple, all you need to do is get in touch with us at Farsight we we’ll either put you in touch with a selection of security installers if you require a new system or liaise directly with your current security engineers and maintenance team.

From there we’ll work with the security installers to manage all of the technical details and will simply require you to fill out an end-user questionnaire so we understand as much about your site and key holders as possible.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we could improve the security of your site.

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