How remote CCTV monitoring works for you

By Farsight Security
31 Jul 2023 3 min read

We’ve created a short video to help you understand how remote CCTV monitoring works.

The video explains how Farsight can monitor security systems across the UK from the Farsight Observatory, right through to how Farsight operators swiftly react to alarms.

Watch the video here:

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Remote CCTV monitoring video transcript:


Remote monitoring is a cost-effective security solution that protects your business, commercial property or home from criminal and environmental damage.

Your CCTV or fire and intruder alarm system will be connected to a remote monitoring station via the Internet.

This connection can be live 24/7 or only switched on at times when your site is unattended.

If an intruder, fire or other unusual activity is detected by your security system, an alarm is sent to the remote monitoring station.

At Farsight, our operators answer alarms faster than the industry average. When an alarm is answered, footage from your CCTV cameras is routed directly to an operator’s monitoring screen.

The operators then pan and zoom cameras to investigate the cause of the alarm. At Farsight, our operators use multiple cameras to view the site from different angles – a crucial step in ensuring intruders cannot hide in any blind spots.

If suspicious activity is spotted, the operator will take immediate action. They will notify the emergency services and call the key holder for your site.

If there is an intruder at your site a live audio warning will swiftly be issued:

“Your attention please, this is a security announcement. You are being monitored and recorded on live CCTV. This is private property. Leave now, or further action will be taken.”

In the majority of cases, an audio warning will deter intruders from your site. However, if your site remains at risk the operators update the emergency services.

As the operator has visually verified the alarm, there will be added credibility to the call and will ensure a rapid emergency response. You ca read more about audio warnings in our blog article entitled: what are audio warnings and how do they work?

Remote monitoring can save you thousands of pounds in potential losses via theft, criminal damage and fire. It ensures your security systems are an investment worth making.

Get in touch with Farsight Security Services today and find out more about our market-leading remote monitoring and CCTV packages with the latest cloud software and fantastic deals on CCTV hardware.

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