CCTV Packages

The Farsight CCTV packages streamline the installation, maintenance and management of security systems.

With two packages to choose from, both with optional Farsight+ add-ons, you’ll always be able to find a CCTV package that works for you.

Whether you opt for SureSight or InSight your site will see the benefits of remote monitoring from one of the UK’s leading providers, whilst you feel reassured that you’re getting the very best value for money.

As a cost-efficient and professional remote monitoring solution, the Farsight CCTV packages help installers secure contracts whilst cutting down unnecessary toing and froing between RVRCs, manufacturers and clients.

Offering a one-stop for all your CCTV requirements including everything from access to a CCTV fault tracker, to cameras and detectors, the Farsight packages are a staple for every CCTV installation.

What’s included in the Farsight CCTV packages?

The Farsight CCTV packages are available at two different levels: SureSight and InSight. Find out what’s included in both:

sidebar-icons-suresight sidebar-icons-insight
Access to the Farsight Fault Tracker    
SMS notifications for faults and incidents    
Access to the Farsight CCTV portal to view cameras live via a desktop    
Access to the Farsight CCTV portal via an Android or Apple app  
Available for closed sites    
Available for open or dual sites  
Incident alerts straight to your inbox  
Remote monitoring reports straight to your inbox  
Unlimited technical support  
A personal account manager  
Adjacent cameras utilised to fully investigate alarms  
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To understand more about SureSight and InSight packages, along with each of the features listed above, please visit their pages: SureSight or InSight

To find out more about our packages. Please, get in touch with the Farsight team via email or call 0845 3710 101.