Cost-effective business security measure for many different sectors

Remote security monitoring is a viable, cost-effective business security measure for many different sectors. With the right remote monitoring services in place, companies could save a small fortune through crime prevention.

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What businesses and sites can Farsight provide remote monitoring services for?

Our clients range from residential properties through to local authorities, independent businesses and some of the country’s largest commercial organisations, including three out of the top five UK retailers and the three of the world’s leading car dealerships.

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Whatever the size of the site, however, we always provide the same level of vigilance.

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What makes Farsight different?

At Farsight, our business security monitoring service is second to none. We are extremely proud of our success rates, which is down to:

We answer thousands of alarms every day from sites all over the United Kingdom.

As a result, we continue to see a large and growing number of UK companies and organisations choosing to put their faith in us to provide a business security monitoring solution.

Our clients can be rest assured that we are committed to vigilance.

Choosing the right remote monitoring station

The Farsight remote monitoring station, also known as ‘The Observatory’, is a purpose-built, high-security compound where our team of 40-plus highly trained and motivated staff work shifts around the clock.

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