The SureSight CCTV package is a comprehensive and easy to manage security solution, designed to help installers win contracts, commission sites with ease and provide an efficient maintenance service.

What’s included in the SureSight CCTV remote monitoring package?

The SureSight CCTV package includes everything you need from a remote monitoring station. With SureSight you’ll find benefits only available at Farsight, such as access to the YourSight platform and CCTV portal that provides seamless communication between yourself, your sites and the Farsight RVRC.

Make sure you find out more about SureSight+ below too: Our integrated add-on deal, which customises the SureSight package and includes the latest cloud monitoring technology.

With SureSight you’ll receive:

  • Access to YourSight
  • SMS notifications for faults and incidents
  • Access to the Farsight CCTV portal to view cameras live via your desktop
  • Access to the YourSight on your smartphone, through the mobile optimised platform
  • Incident alerts and remote monitoring reports straight to your inbox, so you can always be ‘in the know’ and benefit from full transparency on our performance, here at Farsight
  • Unlimited technical support from the commissioning process right through to ongoing maintenance
  • A personal account manager to make contacting us simple and streamlined

We’ll also use adjacent CCTV cameras to fully investigate alarms – making sure intruders don’t have the opportunity to dodge detection.

What kind of sites is SureSight suitable for?

SureSight is available for all types of sites, whether they are:

  • Open sites
  • Dual sites
  • Or closed sites

SureSight can be used at sites in many different sectors from construction sites through to office blocks, retailers, logistics and more.

When can SureSight be used?

SureSight can be used whenever you require remote monitoring services. Whether that’s adding remote monitoring to an existing security system, changing remote monitoring providers or connecting an RVRC after a new site is commissioned.

If you are installing a new site, make sure you get the very best value on CCTV cameras by including SureSight+ – including IP cameras and access to the Farsight cloud.

Get in touch with Farsight today to find out more about SureSight and for pricing guidelines.


Want a CCTV package that includes CCTV cameras from a leading manufacturer, dedicated to innovating in cloud security monitoring?

Choose the SureSight+ add-on to upgrade your SureSight CCTV package with the very latest monitoring technology.

SureSight+ is brought to you in partnership with Axis Communications, giving you cloud-enabled IP cameras alongside the remote monitoring services of Farsight.

Find out more about SureSight+

SureSight+: A cloud security monitoring solution

Leverage the power of cloud security monitoring with SureSight+. By choosing SureSight+ you and your client will have access to the Farsight Cloud directly via the cloud-enabled IP Axis cameras.

What is the Farsight cloud?

The Farsight cloud is a cloud security monitoring solution that allows both installers and clients to have a direct link to the site’s security system – so you know when an incident has occurred directly from the site, keeping you in control.

How does SureSight+ and cloud security monitoring benefit installers?

SureSight+ will help you to secure client contracts. With SureSight+…

  • It will be easy for you to embrace the latest cloud and IP technology
  • We’ll only ever sell you the Axis cameras at the manufacturer’s cost
  • This all-inclusive device and monitoring package also ensures long-term cost efficiency for installers, on top of Farsight’s industry-beating vigilance and response times

As a result, you’ll have more flexibility over your own pricings and how you manage and maintain contracts.

Find out more by getting in touch with the Farsight team today.