Construction Site Security Systems from the Experts

Your building site or premises contains a number of high-value assets including quality tools, equipment and machinery. Once you’ve closed down for the day, all this equipment sits unattended – and vulnerable.

Theft on construction sites is unfortunately rising and on average, costs the industry upwards of £800 million a year** with many large, expensive plant vehicles never recovered. Building sites are often easy targets for opportunistic thieves and vandals, yet a serious theft could result in days, if not weeks or months, of disruption.

Because of the nature of construction sites being vulnerable and often open, taking only reactive measures could see work interrupted and lead to high expense for both the construction company and the customer. Take preventative measures with cost-effective remote site security and choose the very best security measures for your site with construction site security monitoring.


How Can Remote CCTV Monitoring Improve Construction Site Security?

Security for construction sites needs to be comprehensive, covering all storage areas and preventing blindspots. By choosing Farsight remote building site CCTV system monitoring, you can ensure that every aspect of your security is covered while offering a more affordable method of security when compared to hiring on-site personnel or security guards.

Whether your site needs around the clock security, weekend monitoring, or peace of mind coverage once staff have finished for the day, your construction site will benefit from our professional remote construction site security monitoring.

Watch our video to find out more about how remote CCTV monitoring works.

The benefits of remote construction site CCTV security systems include:

  • Your CCTV construction site security feeds will be monitored by security experts when you need it
  • Prevent damage occurring by warning intruders away from your site with audio announcements
  • Assure construction staff of their security and safety whilst on the job
  • Catch incidents before or as they happen with live, monitored CCTV footage, rather than relying on trying to claim back after the damage is already done
  • Prevent disruption to costly construction work by preventing theft and vandalism

Farsight is your leading construction site security company. Get in touch to learn how we can provide comprehensive peace of mind security for your building site today, including Lone Worker Protection and Remote Access Control.

Professional Construction Site Monitoring

The Farsight Security Services team is highly experienced in monitoring building site CCTV systems, with high quality training provided to identify the unique risks these sites face. As a result, we are able to provide the very best construction site security CCTV monitoring services.

You can read about some of the incidents that our remote site security team has dealt with in our company news, such as this construction site arrest along with tips and advice for your construction CCTV systems and site security.

The security of your construction site is a priority from the very beginning of the job. Prevent your site from vulnerability and unnecessary security risks and get in touch with Farsight today to learn how our construction site security monitoring can help you relax at night. Call us on 0845 371 0101.