Petrol Stations Security Systems

Petrol stations are high-risk environments and as a result require the very best in security. With flammable, valuable liquids available on these open sites there is risk of fire, theft and criminal damage.

This incident shows how dangerous arson at a petrol station can be.

Remote monitoring is a cost-effective and reliable solution to the security of petrol stations.

The benefits of remote monitoring for petrol station security:

With more and more petrol stations running a 24-hour service, security measures around the clock are a necessity – especially if lone workers are present, or if the petrol station is looking to be unmanned overnight.

Remote CCTV monitoring and video analytics mean that operators at a remote monitoring station can control pumps – allowing use or deactivating them in case of an emergency. As a result, unmanned petrol forecourts are now a viable option.

Unmanned petrol stations with remote monitoring will benefit from:

  • Equipment retro-fitted around existing petrol pumps, making installation easy and cost-effective.
  • Lone workers won’t be required to work overnight.
  • Unusual activity will be identified using video analytics. For example, an alarm will be sent to the remote monitoring station if an individual without a car enters the forecourt.
  • Customers looking to fill-up their car can do so at no inconvenience – only suspicious activity will be flagged up to the remote monitoring station.
  • Audio warnings will be issued to those seen acting suspiciously, warning them that they are being monitored on live CCTV.
  • The emergency services, whether that’s the fire, police or ambulance service, can be notified immediately when an incident occurs.
  • A two-way voice call point will be installed to allow the public to contact the remote monitoring station at any time.

Pioneering remotely monitored petrol station security, Farsight are experts in helping petrol stations across the UK become more efficient, safer environments.

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