Supply chain and logistics security from Farsight Security Services

As goods move through a supply chain from manufacturer to supplier, they become at risk to a number of threats including damage and theft. Whether on the delivery vehicle in transportation or when stored temporarily in warehouses, you want to be assured that your goods aren’t affected by changing environments that can cause unrepairable damage to perishables and delicate goods.

Remote monitoring can benefit the entire supply chain process with efficient, optimised security. Monitoring the arrival of goods and ensuring they are in the right place by expected deadlines and without damage. Remote monitoring services ensure minimal disruption to your business and peace of mind security for your high-value packages.

Farsight remote monitoring services not only provide security for goods in transit and storage but can improve the working efficiency of your warehouse. By providing remote access control and systems control monitoring, you can rest assured against unauthorised entry to secure areas and damage to goods caused by fluctuating storage conditions.

What is remote monitoring and how can it improve logistics security?

Remote monitoring provides cost-effective supply chain security management for your precious cargo, whether it’s on the road or stored in warehouses. Supported by a highly trained professional team of security operators in the Farsight Observatory, you can rest assured your alarms are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

Once a site alarm has been triggered, a professional operator will immediately react to investigate the cause of the alarm. On identification of suspicious behaviour, the operator team will contact you and/or the designated keyholder and visually verify intruders or activity to the relevant emergency services to ensure a rapid response.

Advance your CCTV security to the next level with remote monitoring services. Taking your security from being simply reactive to proactive. Preventing vandalism, damage and theft before it happens and stopping intruders and trespassers in their tracks.

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Exploring remote monitoring benefits for supply chain and logistics security management

With remote monitoring, your supply chain security management will benefit from:

  • Improved security and working efficiency
  • Security that is optimised to a time that suits your needs
  • Live audio announcements that deter intruders away from private land, working sites and valuable goods
  • Rapid response and comprehensive investigation into the cause of the alarm
  • Operators use CCTV to visually verify suspicious behaviour and intruders to emergency services, ensuring an immediate response


Warehouse security is dependent on several factors; the type of stored goods, the site location, staff access points and the number of staff requiring certain levels of access.

Your supply chain security management system needs to incorporate all these factors to ensure your security works efficiently to your needs and your cargo is safe and secure.

For example, you may have an open warehouse with precious cargo stored in a specific area that is protected against unverified entry using lasers that are activated 24/7. Once broken, these lasers send an immediate alarm to the Farsight Observatory, where our security operators will alert you, designated keyholders and the necessary emergency services to an unverified entry. To verify access for staff, the option of visual verification from Farsight can be implemented or staff with access permission can enter a code. All authorised entries, whether visual or by using a code can be tracked for later reference.

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Farsight’s remote monitoring services can also be used to provide additional security for goods transported across the UK. With support for fitted GPS devices in transport vehicles, Farsight can track the journey of your goods across the country, alerting you or designated supply managers to unauthorised stops or potentially suspicious activity.


The type of storage environment for your goods is key to ensuring perishables and high-value products do not become damaged over time. Whether you require a certain level of lighting, a minimum or maximum temperature or monitoring of humidity levels, Farsight systems control remote monitoring could be crucial to the storage of your cargo.

Our remote monitoring services can both monitor and control systems across your storage units and warehouses, including alerting to risks of flooding and maintaining an optimum environment for sensitive product.

Why choose Farsight Security Services for logistics security?

Improve your logistics and supply chain security with remote monitoring services from Farsight Security Services, market-leaders in providing remote security services and setting standards beyond the industry average. With a dedication to innovation and providing cutting-edge security services, you can rest assured that security from Farsight is optimised to your needs when you need it.

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