Existing clients

We never name our clients without their permission. What we can say is that our customer base includes the following:

  • world’s largest facilities management company
  • three out of the UK’s top five retailers
  • three of the UK’s top car dealerships
  • two out of the UK’s top three property companies
  • two of the countries leading solar farm companies
  • two global logistics companies
  • many great education institutes and schools
  • UK’s largest patisserie chain
  • strategic air traffic control sites
  • one of Europe’s largest heavy goods vehicle manufactures

Below is a brief flavour of the scale and scope of our work, as demonstrated through some of our existing clients:

Closed Site – building/construction site

CCTV coverage of construction sites is becoming increasingly popular with metal theft in particular, a massive problem.

Traditionally, on-site security guards have been used to protect construction sites but this is both expensive and often inefficient.

Construction sites are typically large, open spaces with temporary fencing as a deterrent. With hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment and materials left on-site overnight, the need for protection is critical.

CCTV with remote monitoring via a central station, allows clients to significantly reduce site security costs. The camera system also means that audio warnings can be delivered when unwelcome visitors are seen trying to gain access. This same CCTV footage provides a record of activity.

Find out more abut our construction site security services.

Open Site – car dealership

Car dealerships and other companies with open forecourts encourage customers to look at their vehicles on site – at the same time they need assurance that their property is safe.

Remotely monitored CCTV allows customers to browse the cars but provides an audio announcement to let them know they are being monitored live on CCTV. And when it gets late and dealerships want people to leave they can be politely invited to return during normal opening hours.

Our Open Site service offers a courteous method of monitoring exposed sites, which rely on customer visits, providing a sensitive control of your assets.

Find out more about SureSight – our CCTV package ideal for open sites

Or, find out more about security for car dealerships

Access Control – logistics companies

Access control monitoring allows access to a site either through a remote controlled gate or door. This works particularly well for logistics companies which have unique security issues including fully-loaded trailers left on-site overnight; shared space with other logistics companies and overnight stays by drivers.

Find out more about access control

Or, find out more about logistics and supply chain security.

Unmanned sites – Solar farms and unmanned petrol forecourts

More companies are now deploying and are responsible for unmanned and automated sites and infrastructure.

Vulnerable unmanned sites need around the clock CCTV vigilance – whether it’s million of pounds worth of sensitive equipment at risk or the health and safety of the general public. Remote CCTV monitoring can provide a bespoke solution to suit the site’s unique requirements.

Using up to the minute and powerful video analytics Farsight can quickly be alerted to a person in an area they shouldn’t be in.  Our highly trained team then can take the appropriate action.

Find out more about solar farm security or commercial site security

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