Factory Security Systems from Farsight Security Services

Your factory is the heart of your operation and when security is compromised, it can be weeks or months before you are back up and running at full capacity. With optimised factory security systems, you can rest assured your buildings, materials, products and employees are safe and protected.

Factories and factory storage units are often an attractive target for criminals. With a high amount of raw materials stored including copper and steel, that is highly sought after by thieves and vandals.

By utilising Farsight Remote Monitoring Services alongside your industrial CCTV security system, you can take advantage of around the clock security monitoring, reducing the risk of theft and ensuring your factory can run to maximum efficiency at all times.

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What Advantages Do Remote Monitoring Services Offer to Factory Security Camera Systems?

Remote monitoring brings an extra level of security to your manned or unmanned factory units by providing always-on monitoring from an external monitoring station (also known as an external central station or alarm receiving centre).

Working for you when you need it, remote monitoring works in sync with detectors or industrial CCTV systems installed around your factory. When suspicious activity or movement is detected, an alarm is sent to our monitoring station, the Farsight Observatory, alongside live CCTV footage from the site. One of our highly trained security operators will respond to the alarm, studying footage for the cause and identifying the source.

When a breach of security is identified, the security operator will immediately contact the relevant parties, including you, the site owner, the key holder and most importantly, the necessary emergency services, as required.

During this time, the footage is continuously tracked so individuals that have breached the security of the factory are always under the watch of our security operators. Our operators can also issue a live audio warning, discouraging the individual from moving through the factory and in many cases, causing them to leave the site.

With additional security services such as Remote Access Control and Video Analytics, identified high-value areas can be protected with further levels of security. Including the option to close off or lock remotely controlled doors to certain areas, preventing the intruder from further intrusion.

With Farsight Remote Monitoring Services you can also provide extra protection for lone workers including support for panic systems and have an always-on monitor for systems control. Actively monitoring and alerting necessary parties to heat and moisture levels that could cause interruption to manufacturing processes.

Watch our video to find out more about how remote CCTV monitoring works.

The Benefits of Remote Monitoring for Factory Security:

Remote monitoring services from Farsight Security can improve the security of factories with:

  • Access control: With visual and/or verbal approved entry you can prevent unauthorised access to your factory or manufacturing plant at any time. Our team can monitor your overall site access or track access to specific restricted areas. Additionally, remote access services allow for recorded monitoring of delivery drivers, staff and visitors on-site and identify vehicles onsite.
  • CCTV monitoring: Next level security begins with quality remote industrial CCTV system monitoring. Unusual or suspicious activity is rapidly detected and alerted to a security operator in the Farsight Observatory who makes a live audio announcement warning the intruder away from the site, before contacting the necessary emergency services.
    Additionally, industrial CCTV systems in UK factories can be used to monitor production line efficiency, health and safety practices and provide a comprehensive overview of your business.
  • Video analytics: Utilising the latest in security innovation, intelligent video analytics will improve efficiency and support security camera systems for factory monitoring. Use footfall heat maps to identify high and low traffic areas, monitor inputs and outputs for efficient safety planning and more. Smart video software integrates with your existing industrial CCTV systems and supports detection of unsafe health and safety practices.
  • Intruder and fire: Peace of mind against intruders and fire, even when your factory is unmanned. Our operators rapidly respond to alert notifications from CCTV detection systems and fire alarms, contacting emergency services to ensure the safety of your materials and production lines.
  • Bespoke: Looking for a comprehensive factory security system that is tailored to your individual site needs? Farsight Security can provide a combination of our security services, meeting your specifications to support onsite efficiency and protection.

With remote monitoring services from Farsight Security, you can rest assured knowing your factory is protected and secure when you need it, 24/7, 365 days a year or when your on-site security team are gone for the evening. Avoid down-time, prevent theft and ensure your processes meet necessary health and safety requirements.

With Farsight Security Services providing your remote monitoring you’ll also benefit from an industry leader that is outstanding in our specialist field. Find out more about the standards we set here.

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