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Even if your staff had eyes in the backs of their heads, they still couldn’t keep up with all the potential threats to the buildings under your control. There’s just too much going on and too many hours in the day.

The answer is to let technology do the watching, while trained staff remotely manage and prioritise incidents that automated software identifies as a threat. That’s how we work at Farsight.

How does remote monitoring work?

CCTV cameras will instantly swing round to record an event such as a fire door opening or an intruder breaking the perimeter of your site. While we study the CCTV pictures, our software will tell us what has been detected and where. If action is required, we’ll respond right away by calling you (if you want), the police, or staff on the ground – or all three if the incident demands it.

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This is how we work at Farsight

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Remote monitoring beyond security

The advanced technology we use to remotely monitor CCTV and intruder and fire systems can also be used for purposes beyond security.
For example, with the right technology installed at your site, Farsight can monitor flood detectors in case your basement floods overnight and goes unnoticed, or even control temperatures in warehouses to maintain perishable goods.

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