InSight CCTV Monitoring Package


The Farsight InSight CCTV package provides you with the best remote monitoring services in an easy to manage format for sites that do not require the comprehensive monitoring solution SureSight offers.

What is included in the InSight CCTV package?

With InSight you will receive high-quality remote monitoring from Farsight, one of the UK’s leading remote monitoring and alarm receiving centres. On top of that you will get:

  • Access to YourSight
  • SMS notifications for faults and incidents
  • Access to the Farsight CCTV portal to view cameras live via your desktop

What kind of site is InSight right for?

InSight can only be used for closed sites. If your site is a mix of both open and closed – also known as a dual site – or is an entirely open site, then the SureSight package would be the perfect security solution.

Find out more about SureSight.

If you are unsure about whether your site can be classed as a closed, open or dual site, get in touch with us today, we would be happy to help.

Optex Redwall detector package.

Created in partnership with Optex, Farsight can exclusively offer detectors when you bring a monitoring contract to Farsight.

It is simple: on receipt of a purchase order, we will dispatch the required equipment. 31 days later we will simply invoice you for the annual monitoring costs.

Terms and conditions do apply. To request the terms and conditions of the free detector deal, please get in touch with the Farsight team.