Improving the Efficiency of Retail Operations with CCTV Systems and Business Intelligence

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CCTV circuits and commercial security systems have progressed past the grainy, pixelated images of yesteryear and today offer full HD quality recordings with clear audio that can be effectively used for security systems and evidence proof. Beyond the immediate security benefits of a comprehensive CCTV security system, businesses and commercial property owners can use quality recordings for business intelligence such as identifying trends in customer behaviours and footfall heat mapping.

Farsight remote monitoring services put the power of proactive security into your hands. Improve your commercial security today with a bespoke Farsight monitoring package designed for you.

Remote Monitoring Services – Bespoke

There are multiple benefits to why you would use your CCTV systems to gain business intelligence insights for your commercial property, which will be detailed later in this article; however, to take advantage of analytical insights, you first need to ensure your CCTV system is in place. Installed CCTV cameras should cover all necessary areas, both high and low traffic and be positioned to prevent any surveillance blind spots.

For more information on position cameras in your business, please read our article on Where to Position CCTV Cameras in Your Business.

It’s always recommended to have a professional team set up and install your CCTV cameras as they are experienced in identifying potential problem areas, as well as ensuring you get the greatest scope of view on active cameras. Where DIY installs are your only option make sure to plan using a detailed floor plan, the ideal placement of cameras depending on the available angle of the lens and ensure you install at the optimal height.

Why Do I Need Business Intelligence Insights for my Property?

When planning the layout of your business or trying to determine the best aisle or aisle cap to place a new product, have you ever wanted to know;

– What route do customers prefer to take through the store?

– Where do customers gravitate towards when they are in the store?

– Where do customers eyes naturally fall when moving throughout the store?

CCTV systems combined with video analytics can help you to identify customer patterns in the store and provide an approximate heatmap on the areas that see the most foot traffic and the least foot traffic and the most frequently travelled route through the property.

Using this analysis, retail planners can find points in the store that can be used for sale bins, impulse purchases and posters featuring current and upcoming offers. Implementing these improvements to the layout of your store not only benefits the customer experience but will also have an impact on overall revenue as customers are encouraged to buy more.

What Else Can I Use Business Intelligence For?

For larger stores with multiple self-checkouts and checkout points across different floors, business intelligence insights can be applied to your queuing system and how efficiently it works for customers in the store. Use analytics to show where customers prefer to queue; if any checkout points are more frequented than others and any points of failure, when your lines become too full or the time spent waiting exceeds patience limits.

With this data to hand, managers and retail planners can always make informed decisions about how many checkout staff to have on shift, plan for checkout staff to be on call nearby or change around the layout to include more till points and reduce overall waiting times. This all contributes to improving the customer experience while shopping in your store and will encourage more customers into the shop through positive word of mouth.

As per any quality retail shop security system, your CCTV system is used in the process of loss prevention and, with business intelligence analytics, it can be easier to recognise suspicious behaviour around checkouts, as well as highlighting areas that can be attractive to shoplifters and vandals.

Taking the Next Step in Luxury Retail Security

Stores that feature high-value or specialist goods need to ensure their commercial security systems work efficiently, around the clock, with no point of failure that can be exploited by opportunistic thieves. Combining CCTV surveillance with remote monitoring provides more control for commercial premises. Rather than rely on recorded footage to claim back against thieves and vandals, stores can be proactive in their security, catching suspicious behaviour as it becomes apparent and identifying individuals that may need closer monitoring or in some cases, more associate assistance.

Farsight are experts in remote monitoring and have been providing quality-assured remote CCTV monitoring alongside lone worker protection, fire, intruder monitoring and access control systems for over 20 years. Our highly trained and professional operators working from the Farsight Observatory are consistent in offering the best levels of vigilance with rapid response and keen eyes that are readily able to identify suspicious behaviour.

Where stockrooms and equipment cupboards need additional protection, we can provide access control security services as part of your bespoke retail security package. Monitoring and manually authorising individuals who need access and keeping a record of authorised or attempted unauthorised entries. This contributes to keeping a better track of goods and equipment and can help identify when losses occurred and who is likely to have used or accessed the goods previously.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today to find out more about how we can take your commercial security systems to the next stage. Protect your business assets while improving the overall customer experience.