Farsight calls time on Anti Social Behaviour at this car forecourt

Anti social behaviour on CCTV


A big group of youths scarpered leaving these three to deal with the consequences at this car forecourt in Hertfordshire after the Farsight CCTV operators spotted the youths up to no good and called in the police.

Vandalism was the most common crime type of crime affecting businesses reported by the Home Office – Crime against businesses: findings from 2018 Commercial Victimisation Survey   –  34% of reported were categorised as ‘anti-social behaviour.’ Vandalism, malicious damage and petty theft costs many businesses dearly and is often put down to a result of yob culture in Britain.

Industry sectors are affected differently, but as an example,  in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector almost three-quarters (72%) of businesses affected by anti-social behaviour said that this had had a negative impact on their business, with around half (42%) reporting that they had suffered a negative financial impact, a much higher proportion compared with all other sectors surveyed.

1 in 5 businesses are impacted by crime

According to a study carried out by a leading business insurer – RSA, British Businesses Blighted by Yobs – petty theft, vandalism and malicious damage is costing businesses £9.8 billion a year. 1 in 5 businesses are impacted, costing them anything between £20,000 and £66,000 each per annum, dependant on sector and geographic factors.

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