2021 Crime Surge Continued To Climb in October

October crime surge


This October Farsight’s team of remote CCTV monitoring operators escalated a whopping 25% more incidents to blue light services than the same period last year. Farsight also prevented numerous incidents from progressing further by issuing a staggering 6,444 live audio deterrent warnings in October – highlighting just how effective CCTV audio warnings can be.

It seems the crime surge we have been experiencing since lock down restrictions were relaxed in April is certainly continuing. Looking at the total number of burglaries recorded by police across England, Wales & NI since April this year for example, there has been a very clear increase…

Burglary Stats October

Figures provided by UKCrimeStats

It goes without saying that good security measures are a necessity for businesses ALL year round. That means functioning CCTV, effective remote monitoring, access control, security lighting and more. However, at this time of year it is advisable to to ensure your security is maintained and fully optimised.

Seasonal security measures are often neglected or overlooked, but as we edge into the colder, darker months it’s important that businesses start to think about specific changes to improve security during the Autumn season, that’s why Farsight wanted to share these Autumn Security Tips with you to give you some inspiration on how to keep your business security optimised:

> 7 Essential Autumn Security Tips from Farsight

As a leading CCTV monitoring station, we talk a lot about the ‘proactive’ crime prevention benefits that monitored CCTV surveillance can deliver.  We define these as  –  Deterrence, Detection, Prevention and Response.

However, CCTV camera footage of an incident can be vital in providing ‘retrospective’ benefits too.  CCTV surveillance video footage can provide vital evidence that assists police investigations and even criminal prosecutions. In this article we explore these five key benefits that make CCTV monitoring such as an important component of modern security measures and policing in the UK too.

Why choose a monitored CCTV surveillance system to protect what’s yours?

CCTV Surveillance


In recent years CCTV surveillance has become an essential pillar of security delivering the ability to proactively prevent many crimes from progressing as well as retrospectively enabling crucial investigation of incidents that do progress despite the presence of the preventative security measures.

Proactive CCTV security: Deterrence through the presence of CCTV surveillance and prevention of incident progression with ‘front footed’ CCTV operator response which includes audio deterrent warnings and real-time escalation to keyholders and blue light first responders.

Retrospective CCTV security: CCTV footage can provide crucial evidence to support police and other emergency services in gathering evidence relating to an incident.  This evidence can, under certain circumstances, be used in court to support prosecution.

Below we we list the top five proactive and retrospective security benefits of monitored CCTV surveillance:

  1. Proactive –  ‘Deterrence’
  2. Proactive –  ‘Detection’
  3. Proactive –  ‘Prevention’
  4. Proactive –  ‘Emergency Response Facilitation’
  5. Retrospective – ‘Investigation, Prosecution Evidence’

Read our full article on the benefits of including a monitored CCTV surveillance in your security provision below:

> Five Key Benefits of Monitored CCTV Security 

Farsight recognised as Best Remote CCTV Monitoring Specialists 2021

The hard work, vigilance and dedication of the Farsight remote monitoring team has been recognised by our clients (see our customer reviews here) and in addition we recently learned that we have won an award too.

Best Remote CCTV Monitoring Specialists -UK

The Farsight team is delighted to share that we have been recognised as the ‘Best Remote CCTV Monitoring Specialists – UK by Corporate Vision as part of their 2021 Small Business Awards.

We acknowledge the dedication and vigilance of the entire Farsight team in giving our clients the peace of mind that their premises, assets and people are protected to the highest standards.

This has been particularly important during the unprecedented times we have all seen over over the past 18 months or so, and continues to be the case as we dig in to mitigate the crime surge we are seeing since April this year too.

Farsight prides itself on its commitment to vigilance, innovation and high levels of service, and this award recognises these qualities.

> Read the full article: Farsight recognised as Best Remote CCTV Monitoring Specialists 2021

Of course, Farsight does not only specialise in CCTV monitoring.  Our remote monitoring services include CCTV monitoring, alarm monitoringlone worker protection and access control.  In fact, when factoring in our full range of remote monitoring security solutions, Farsight were recognised by Corporate Vision in 2020 as the UK’s Best Security Service Provider – UK.

If you would like to get in touch with the Farsight team to see how we can support the security and safety of your premises, assets and people with our remote security monitoring services, we’d love to hear from you. Simply here: contact us,  call us 0845 371 0101 or drop us a line in the form below:

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