Manufacturing business site in Derbyshire protected from anti-social behaviour by CCTV



This weekend, Farsight’s remote monitoring CCTV operators were alerted to a group of youths who were snooping around a manufacturing business premises in Derbyshire – most certainly up to no good!  Acting quickly to prevent the incident from progressing further, our CCTV remote monitoring team alerted keyholders and the police @derbyshireconstabulary who were on the scene within 8 minutes.

You’ll see the group of youths in the above image as the police arrive. This rapid response from both Farsight and the police ensured that this incident, which could well have escalated to criminal damage, vandalism or petty theft very quickly, was neutralised and the site protected.

Vandalism is the most common crime type reported at 34% which is falls under ‘anti-social behaviour.’ Vandalism, malicious damage and petty theft costs many businesses dearly and is often put down to a result of yob culture in Britain. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in 5 business will be impacted by this type of crime, costing UK businesses £9.8 billion a year.

Which business sectors are more at risk than others?

Farsight works across many business sectors including the manufacturing and engineering sectors.    Utilities, engineering, transport, construction and agriculture sectors are most at risk. Regional figures vary, but East Midlands, South East & West Midlands top the list, where petty theft, vandalism and even arson is costing businesses a staggering £155 million a year.

Your factory is the heart of your operation and when security is compromised, it can be weeks or months before you are back up and running at full capacity. With optimised factory security systems, you can rest assured your buildings, materials, products and employees are safe and protected.

Factories and factory storage units are often an attractive target for criminals, with a high amount of raw materials stored including copper and steel which is highly sought after by thieves and vandals, not to mention machinery, vehicles and tools.

Get peace of mind from your business security with remote CCTV monitoring

By utilising Farsight Remote Monitoring Services alongside your industrial CCTV security system, you can take advantage of around the clock security monitoring, reducing the risk of theft and ensuring your factory can run to maximum efficiency at all times.

What is Remote CCTV Monitoring?

Get in touch with our highly trained and professional Farsight Security team today and find out how our services can be tailored to your factory security requirements.

Further Information: Is it time to rethink your security?

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This article looks at threats from organised crime, anti-social behaviour and its impact on businesses as well as ways of reducing the risks.  This is packed with links to helpful security guides covering everything from CCTV monitoring to lighting and audio warnings.

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