Crime never sleeps, as Christmas incident shows

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It’s easy to assume no one would be interested in breaking and entering into a site on Christmas day. Yet the incident, described below, which we recently dealt with suggests otherwise…

The incident

Most would be relaxing or tucked up in bed after a day of festivities on 25th December. But on the cold, wet Christmas night in 2016, our operators spotted two individuals walking around a restricted site in Kettering with a flashlight at 23:44.

The well-lit site clearly showed the perpetrators scaling the security fencing and proceeding to navigate the site. The Farsight operator monitored and followed their actions and immediately called the police.

The result

The police responded quickly, arriving at the site by 23:57. The police proceeded to arrest two individuals.

Although a relatively straightforward arrest on the face of it , this incident is important for two reasons…

Firstly it highlights the importance of using a number of security methods. Instead of relying on, say, just security lighting or fencing. The site involved in this incident benefited from four security methods:

  1. The security fencing delayed the intruders’ entrance to the site.
  2. The well-lit site meant Farsight operators and police were able to easily spot and monitor the movement of the intruders. Find out more about the importance of security light in our blog.
  3. A well-installed and maintained CCTV system meant Farsight operators could do their job.
  4. Remote CCTV monitoring from Farsight meant the intrusion was rapidly dealt with, allowing the relevant parties to be notified. The quicker an incident like this can be dealt with, the less risk there is to the site.

Secondly, the incident highlights the fact that crime never sleeps – but nor does remote monitoring. Clearly criminals target sites any time of day, night and year, which is why our remote monitoring station is manned and monitoring security systems across the UK 25/7, 365 days a year.

Find out more about our remote monitoring services.

Featured image: Creative Commons “Snowy Camera” by SNappa2006 licensed under CC BY 2.0