A Busy Start to the Year: Drug deal busted and two car dealerships saved

Remote facilities management

For most businesses the first few days of January are quiet, with employees enjoying a long break over the festive period. Not for us here at Farsight though!

In the first four days of the month we prevented two separate car dealerships becoming the target of criminals and put a stop to a drug deal.

On the night of Saturday 3rd January 2015 our operators received alarms from two car dealerships – one located in Wrexham and another in Lakeside. In both incidents operators quickly reacted to the alarm and began monitoring the site.

On both sites the operators witnessed three intruders acting suspiciously. With car forecourts a high-risk site and vulnerable to intruders when remote monitoring isn’t in place, it was vital that Farsight’s operators reacted quickly.

In both cases the operators issued audio warning, alerting the intruders to the fact they were being monitored and that the security operators were aware of their illegal presence on the site. The operator then quickly called both keyholders and police to alert them of the incidents as they unfolded.

As a result of Farsight’s quick thinking there was no damage to either of the car forecourts. With three intruders at both sites there could have been serious consequences if remote monitoring hadn’t been in place.

But there’s no rest for Farsight! On the next night shift, on the 4th January 2015, Farsight operators’ vigilance was called into action again.

In bustling London, a city that never sleeps, an office block’s car park secluded from passersby may seem like the ideal place to do a hasty drug deal. Indeed, that’s what three hooded males believed when they entered the site late that Sunday night.

But they were counting on the ever-vigilant Farsight operators remotely monitoring the site. In fact, Farsight operators had previously prevented criminal activity on the site.

When a Farsight operator received an alarm for the site they quickly reacted by monitoring the site. With their knowledge of the site and the working hours at the office block, the operator was aware that there should not be anyone on that site in those hours. Seeing the three hooded males acting suspiciously the operator quickly called the police.

Having been so quick to react, the police arrived at the site and found one individual in possession of cannabis. He was issued with a police warning.

These incidents highlight once again the importance of remote monitoring at all types of site, and the benefits such security can also offer the general public in preventing criminal activity of all kinds.

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