Farsight at The Forecourt Show

Petrol station incident

Having developed a remote monitoring security service that makes unmanned petrol stations a viable option, Farsight are delighted to be attending The Forecourt Show this month (April 2015).

The specialised remote monitoring service for petrol stations combines video analytics, trained personnel and specialist CCTV services to ensure the high-risk environment is safe and operable 24/7. Farsight worked closely with technology partners and the Primary Authority for Petroleum Legislation to develop this specialist solution.

Farsight’s managing director, Rob Moore, IT manager, Joel Babb, and senior operations manager, Malcolm O’Shea Barnes, will attend The Forecourt Show with an eye towards discussing the future of petrol station security with leaders in the industry.

With technology rapidly developing there are numerous opportunities for petrol forecourts, as specialist sites, to advance and develop how they address the high-risk environments whilst still offering consumers the 24/7 service they demand.

At the cutting edge of the security industry, Farsight have recognised the needs of these specialist sites and the possibilities technology offers.

If you’re attending The Forecourt Show and would like the opportunity to discuss security with us, please get in touch today.