Green Thinking Security: How Farsight is making a difference

The Farsight Observatory

Here at Farsight, we’ve been the leading the way for environmentally friendly security services.

We’ve been tackling the environmental impact we make, all whilst improving customer relations and taking preventative health and safety measures. All of this has been achieved with a huge warehouse clear out and an upgrade of the areas our operators work in – what we call ‘operator nodes’.

Our operator nodes used to consist of three PCs, but modern technology has allowed us to upgrade and reduce that to just one high-end PC. These new PCs allow numerous types of software to run simultaneously – increasing operator efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of running several PCs at once.

At the same time, we always work hard to maintain a safe environment for our employees and to prevent hazards arising – that’s why we initiated a warehouse clear out.

Recycling at FarsightThe result was three full skips of waste, all of which were sent for recycling, as oppose to landfill.
On top of that, we approached Woodford Recycling, Huntingdon, to provide their recycling services for the warehouse clear out. We currently monitor the recycling centre’s premises, demonstrating what a fantastic working relationship we have with our customers.

All of us at Farsight made a concerted effort to ensure the clear out and upgrade had minimal negative impact on the environment. This included complete compliance with WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations.

Joel Babb, our IT manager here at Farsight and coordinator of the clear out, said: “We began the process of the clear out as a preventative health and safety measure, and it quickly developed into a project that allowed us to show our environmentally responsible outlook and friendly business ethic.

“We’re proud of the way we work with our own customers. We provide them with a very high standard of security services, and recognise they are experts in their own fields too.

“These projects are all part of an exciting year for us. We’re leading the way for an environmentally friendly outlook in the security industry, and proving innovative thinking really does make a difference.”