​It’s no game of cat and mouse: Intruder proves to be no match for Farsight surveillance

Construction site arrest

The skills, persistence and vigilance of Farsight operators have been put to the test in an incident that lasted 12 hours!

At 7.40am on Saturday 7th June 2014, an alarm was raised from a building site located in the heart of London. This early morning alarm received a rapid response from Farsight operators who, after checking numerous adjacent security cameras, identified a hooded intruder illegally accessing a restricted area of the construction site.

As is standard procedure with Farsight, an audio warning was immediately issued. The warning identified the intruder and directly addressed them in notifying them they had been spotted and that the police had been notified. Indeed, the police were immediately contacted along with the key holder, to keep them in the loop and aware of the situation as it unfolded.

Usually, an audio warning will cause an intruder to flee the site.

However, in this incident the gutsy intruder continued to trespass on the construction site, until just before the police arrived. With the assistance and guidance of Farsight operators on the phone, police patrolled the site making use of Farsight’s view from the security cameras. The key holder similarly patrolled the site. All confirmed that there was nothing untoward occurring and concluded that the intruder must have made their escape.

But a Farsight operator never lets their guard down! When a second alarm was raised from the site, this time at 12pm, the operator quickly responded by again checking the security cameras. The intruder had returned.

After the same intruder was spotted on the surveillance cameras, another audio warning was issued and the police were again notified. The key holder continuously kept up-to-date with the incident as it unfolded.

Once they arrived on the site, both police and key holder patrolled the site – again. But again they found there were no were no traces of the intruder, even with the Farsight operators guidance via the security cameras.

Only four hours later at 4pm, the Farsight operators detected the same hooded individual illegally entering the construction site. The same routine was followed: audio warning, notify police and key holder and patrol the site.

This time, the police and key holder quickly noticed that the canteen had been broken in to – despite the persistence of the Farsight operator and the determination the police and key holder.

The police quickly secured the site to the best of their ability, but at 7.30pm the intruder had returned. Again the police rapidly attended the site, but the intruder had vanished.

After the canteen break-in the police instigated a whole site patrol, with the assistance of the Farsight operator. This time round, dustbins were found on the site with items from the canteen stashed away in them. No doubt the intruder was planning their gradual escape with the items.

But this was not to be the case, because the persistence of the Farsight operators outdid even that of the intruder! At 9pm the police called Farsight to notify them that they had successfully arrested a male, who matched the description of the intruder.

After 12 hours and numerous alarms, the Farsight operator, police and key holders succeeded in preventing further damage and serious theft. Another site’s security was maintained – thanks to the work of Farsight!