Arrest in Manchester after intruders caught the eye of Farsight operators

Remote facilities management

On Friday 6th June, two intruders were spotted trespassing on a site in Manchester during the night. 

The site, a major beverage company, benefits from Farsight’s remote monitoring services. The services provided by Farsight proved to be invaluable in this instance, and undoubtedly have deterred criminals on numerous other occasions.

During the warm Friday night an alarm at the site in Manchester instigated an immediate check of the site’s security by a Farsight operator. Using security cameras installed at the site, the operator quickly identified two intruders illegally entering a restricted area.

On identifying the two intruders the operator recognised there was a serious need to act swiftly, in order to prevent any damage being caused to the site. The operator issued a live audio warning directly to the intruders – notifying them they had been spotted and that the police were being notified of their illegal behaviour.

Upon issuing the audio warning the Farsight operator called the police and the site’s key holders. As always, the key holders appreciated being kept in the loop, which also enabled them to quickly arrive at the site and check for any damage caused by the intruders.

The key holders patrolled the site and confirmed that the site was secure again. Without Farsight’s quick thinking and vigilance, there could potentially have been serious damage caused to the site – but the key holders confirmed that the operator’s actions had been swift enough to stop the intruders in their tracks.

Later in the night, the police confirmed they had tracked down and arrested one male, who was linked to the intrusion at the site in Manchester.

Intrusions like these are increasingly likely during the summer months, and particularly in June with the longer daylight hours and warmer weather. Find out more about our latest statistics that demonstrate the seasonal threats in our article: ‘Longer daylight hours, means more intrusions according to latest stats’.