Monitored CCTV system puts a stop to theft in Chichester

Just after sunset at 19:28 on Wednesday 14th October 2015, Farsight operators received an alarm from a construction site in Chichester. As always the operators were quick to check footage from the alarm – they quickly identified an individual accessing a restricted area of the site.

The incident

Immediately, the operator issued an audio warning to the site but the target remained unfazed, brazenly remaining on site. The Farsight operator continued to monitor the intruder, witnessing them carry items from the site and placing them over the boundary fence. Presumably they were leaving them for collection later in the night, regardless of the site being next to a busy main road with cars frequently passing.

Moments later the operator identified a second individual – the intruder had an accomplice.

As all this was happening, the Farsight operator called the police and the site’s mobile guard unit, updating both parties on events as they happened. Just 14 minutes after the first alarm two police patrol cars arrived on site.

The result

Two individuals were arrested and police recovered all of the property, allowing the construction site to continue work as normal the next day. 

James Reed, sales manager at NIS Systems – the installers of the system at the site in Chichester, said “it’s incidents like these that show the importance of an effective security system. Construction sites face a range of risks, from vandalism through to theft of expensive – and business critical – equipment and machinery. 

“At NIS Systems we recognised that the site required monitored CCTV, and we knew that Farsight were the right people for the job. We work with Farsight regularly – their operators are highly trained and their customer service is excellent.”

The benefits of remotely monitored CCTV

Incident likes this one highlight that remote monitoring is crucial. If Farsight operators hadn’t been monitoring the site the theft could have continued and the been consequences disastrous.

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