Security lighting & operator vigilance results in arrest

Issuing an audio warning

In the darkness of the winter night on the 14th December 2014, two individuals and a dog entered a secure site monitored by Farsight. At half three in the morning, they most likely assumed they would get away unnoticed in the dark, deserted site.

Located in East London, the large building site contained a lot of expensive equipment and materials – making it at high risk from theft. That’s why the site owners opted to invest in a CCTV system and high quality remote monitoring services. And that proved to be a worthwhile investment.

The incident

The intruders were seen using a flashlight, to help them navigate through the site. However, what they didn’t know was the security system on site was equipped with high quality infrared (IR) security lighting.

As soon as the alarm was raised the footage was monitored.  Despite the intruder’s efforts with a low level flashlight to keep them disguised by the night, Farsight security operators were able to clearly see the intruders and their movements. IR security lighting is invisible to the naked eye, but CCTV cameras are sensitive to it – meaning when footage is reviewed at an alarm receiving centre the site is well lit and clear.

With the IR security lighting illuminating the site through the CCTV system, Farsight security operators saw the intruders canvassing the site. The operators suspected they were not only trespassing on the site, but that they were actively looking for objects of value to steal.

Indeed, the vigilant operator witnessed the intruders gathering items and stashing them near their planned point of exit.

Immediately, the Farsight operator issued an audio warning to the site explaining to the intruders that they were being monitored via CCTV. With audio warnings being standard practice for our operators, in most circumstances they act as an effective deterrent to intruders who then make a quick exit – saving the site from any damage or theft.

However, these intruders were particularly determined. In line with remote monitoring best practice, the Farsight operator quickly called both key holder and police to notify them of the event.

By 4.39am Farsight were still monitoring the site with the highest possible vigilance – watching the every movement of the intruders.

To follow up on their first call to the police, Farsight made a second call to the police as they recognised that the situation had become urgent with the intruders likely to leave the site with their stolen goods soon. They informed the police that they were still monitoring the site and the area that the intruders were in.

The result

Just nine minutes later, at 4.38am, the key holder and police both informed Farsight that both intruders had been arrested and all of the intended stolen goods had been recovered.

The police and key holder thanked Farsight for their efforts and vigilance.

This case highlights the absolute importance of a high quality security system with effective security cameras and lighting, in conjunction with a professional and efficient alarm receiving and CCTV monitoring centre. Without the two coming together in partnership the intruders could potentially have stolen thousands of pounds worth of materials from the site. Indeed, with equipment having been stolen it may have delayed work on site and lost the building site both money and time.