Spot the Intruder #1


Can you spot the intruder on this commercial premises?

Preventing unauthorised entry to commercial sites by intruders is a business security priority for every business to guard against theft, vandalism and criminal damage.  Spotting an intruder is often one of the first steps in proactive crime prevention and this is where remote CCTV monitoring come into its own.

Did you see the intruder in this instance? In fact there were two!

But once an intruder has been seen – what business security is next? An often overlooked security measure to prevent the intruder going ay further is the issuing of an audio warning by a Farsight CCTV operator.  This can be an effective deterrent and can be instrumental in helping to avoid as many as 99% of incidents from progressing. Read more about audio warning here.

In March alone, our CCTV operators issued 10,322 audio warnings.

Watch this video clip to find where the intruders are lurking and see how effective Farsight’s CCTV audio warnings can be in preventing incidents from progressing.

Proactive security at its best.

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