Longer daylight hours, means more intrusions according to latest stats

CCTV camera - blue sky

Summertime is a potential trigger for increased intrusions onto premises and sites, according to our latest statistics.

Our remote monitoring centre has analysed statistics to show that 23% more audio warnings were issued in June 2013, compared to December 2013.
Car forecourts – open sites traditionally at high risk of crime – were the most targeted. Across all the car forecourts that we currently monitor, an average of 263 audio warnings were issued every 24 hours in June 2013.

That figure drops by a third in December 2013.

Educational premises saw 411 audio warnings issued in June 2013, compared to well under half that number, 191, issued in December of the same year.

The number of audio warnings issued at leisure sites, including football stadiums, parks and golf courses, was a quarter higher in June 2013.

Malcolm O’Shea-Barnes, our senior operations manager, says: “These statistics highlight that sites really are targeted more frequently during the summer months.

“Security is often compromised with open windows being forgotten about or empty premises being left unmonitored as people head off on their summer holidays. Even intruders don’t like the cold weather, so the summer seemingly provides them with plenty of opportune moments.

“With the longest day of the year approaching, it’s essential that site owners ensure their security is optimised. Each of the audio warnings issued may well have prevented thousands of pounds worth of damage being caused. That really highlights how remote monitoring can save companies, and homeowners, a small fortune. Of course, these statistics also show that security threats will always happen – so year-round monitoring remains essential.”

Audio warnings are issued when operators recognise there is reasonable threat to the security of a site. The warnings act as a reference point to demonstrate the frequency of threats to sites.