Testing, testing: Farsight test Davantis (Bi3) video analytic solutions

Davantis review

We’ve recently been taking the time to test some of the video analytics solutions available on the market. Ultimately we know there are many different options out there – all at different price points and with varying pros and cons.

To make sure that we’re continuing to offer the very best monitoring service to installers and customers, we wanted to make sure our systems support the best video analytics solutions there are available. We wanted to be sure our team are savvy to how they work, making them aware of how they improve the security of a site and reduce the number of false alarms we receive.

A stand out video analytics solution with an on-premise server was Davantis, exclusively distributed in the UK by Business Insight 3, which we are delighted to say the Farsight Observatory can now support.

Video analytic solutions that work for remote monitoring stations

Joel Babb, IT manager at Farsight, has been working on the test of video analytic solutions and said:

“The Davantis on-premise solution is highly tunable and packed with features. It can easily integrate with any existing camera system bringing analytic intelligence to the masses.”

As the Davantis website itself explains, their solutions work with monitoring stations too – making sure that the video analytics don’t only reduce the number of false alarms but also allow our operators to react quickly and appropriately:

“At the heart of every Davantis system sits our ClickThruTM technology, exclusive and intelligent, embedded within the monitoring station itself, means alarms can be properly assessed and fully reacted to in just a matter of a few seconds rather than long minutes.”

With regards to the test, Chris Eccles, Key Account Manager at Bi3 said: “’It’s important for us that Farsight care so much about the products they support in their central station. We were very impressed they took the time to test our product and find out more about it.”

Testing solutions to ensure we offer the very best remote monitoring

We will continue to test different video analytic solutions here at Farsight, along with other technology that is introduced into the security market. We’ve already reviewed innoVi’s cloud-based video analytics solution but make sure you keep an eye out in our news section for future updates.