Security Monitoring team sees November’s crime surge

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November is known to see an increase in intruder attempts, but this November Farsight’s remote security monitoring team have responded to almost 50,000 more CCTV alarm activations than the same period in 2019. This reflects a significant increase in intruder related incidents at homes and businesses across the UK in 2020.

The stark increase in numbers of alarm activations that we have seen in November this year is unprecedented. This has not phased Farsight’s ‘eagle-eyed’ security monitoring operators however, who have really shown their mettle in protecting our clients’ premises, assets and people with great efficiency and effectiveness.

During November, the Farsight team issued a staggering 7,857 audio deterrent warnings – which can be highly effective in proactively stopping incidents from progressing further. The Farsight team have also escalated 791 intruder incidents to the police in November alone resulting in multiple arrests, like this intrusion attempt at a petrol station.

Security Monitoring


November crime trends emerge

Farsight usually sees an increase in intruder related incidents as the darker nights set in at this time of year.  That is why we recently published advice and tips  to help businesses and homes optimise their security monitoring measures and ready themselves for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

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The types of intrusion attempts that Farsight’s security monitoring team responded to during November varied broadly, however, some trends did emerge that are worth noting…

Rise in Car Parts Theft Attempts

Once such trend which stands out is surge in car parts theft attempts from vehicle retail forecourts across the UK.  This prompted Farsight to issue to security warning to raise awareness of this.  Read this here: Read more

car headlight thefts

Pallets are increasingly attractive to thieves

Pallets are necessary for many businesses, but storing them can be cumbersome for most.  It is common to see stacks of pallets outside business units, however, these can attract unwanted attention from opportunist thieves.  Farsight has seen a spate of attempted thefts of pallets, especially from outside business units on Industrial estates across the country like this incident that resulted in arrests thanks to Farsight’s quick acting operators alerting the police who responded before the thieves managed to get away with a van load of pallets…

pallet theives


But why have simple pallets become such hot property may ask?

Apart from being used for fire wood during Winter, and the trend in using ‘recycled’ pallet wood to make furniture for homes and gardens – there is another reason that pallets may be a bit of an ‘earner’ for thieves too. With the global increase in wood prices, the value of pallets has increase between 10-20% this year compared to last.

It is important for businesses to safely store away any valuables which include pallets where possible to avoid these attracting intruders. It is also worth considering ‘where’ these are stored as stacks of of pallets can cause blind spots for CCTV cameras, which could mean your security monitoring team will could have blind spots too, providing easy hiding places for intruders.

What Farsight’s Security Monitoring Clients Say

The Farsight security monitoring team were delighted to receive recognition from some of our clients recently, which highlights their dedication to protecting premises, assets and people with their renowned commitment to diligence. This is what Cathedral Hygiene said:

Farsight have worked with us for nearly nine years and they have always provided a high level of service. Everyone I speak to on the phone is always helpful and efficient. It gives me peace of mind knowing their operators have eyes on our premises. They have always acted quickly when events have occurred by either deterring possible break ins with audio announcements or notifying 1st responders or the police. I would recommend Farsight for all your security monitoring needs.

> If you would like to know more about how Farsight’s remote security monitoring services  can help to protect your premises, assets or people, please contact us here  or call 0845 371 0101

What is a CCTV Audio Warning?

When your CCTV cameras detect unwanted visitors on your premises, Farsight’s remote CCTV operators receive a notification.

A Farsight CCTV operator then patrols the cameras on the site and issues a live audio warning announcement as a deterrent.

The audio warning announcement is transmitted to the site…


…to deter the unwanted visitors from progressing any further – before committing theft or criminal damage to your property.


What happens when you have an incident on your premises?

When your cameras detect unwanted visitors, Farsight takes action!

A Farsight operator patrols cameras, issues an audio announcement to deter the visitors if necessary, and calls the police and keyholders. All while simultaneously monitoring and reporting live updates to police and keyholders.

Farsight’s operators use our renowned YourSight platform to document and report incidents in chronological order, sent to you instantly, so you are never in the dark about what is happening at your premises.

CCTV Monitoring

YourSight will email you a notification explaining the incident or send a text message to your mobile. You can login to YourSight from your PC or mobile device to see exactly what is happening on your premises. It works like this…


If you would like to know more about how we deal with incidents, about YourSight or any of our remote security monitoring services, please contact us here  or call 0845 371 0101


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