Farsight Awarded Best Security Services Provider 2020 – UK

Best Security Services Provider


Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 Small Business Awards – and guess what? Farsight has been awarded Best Security Services Provider 2020 – UK.

As we approach the the end of challenging year for most businesses, to be recognised as Best Security Services Provider 2020 – UK makes the Farsight Team very proud and we would like to thank Corporate Vision Magazine.

What are the Corporate Vision Small Business Awards?

When you think of the business world, your mind might be drawn to the brick and mortar goliaths that dominate city skylines. Yet, in many ways, these leviathans do not represent the future of business. Not at all. Success in the modern world relies on agility and dynamism. It demands an entrepreneurial core, a spirit eager to learn, innovate and grow. Those qualities, surely, lie more commonly in small businesses.

Small business is the very lifeblood of a functioning economy. While all eyes are drawn to the lumbering efforts of the largest businesses, small business is looking to reinvent the paradigm, and establish new best practices. If you’re after change, you need to look at those that are working every day to change business for the better. It is for that reason that Corporate Vision launched the Small Business Awards years ago, and why it continues to spotlight the work of those that truly drive the greater business landscape.

Each year, Corporate Vision Magazine proudly seeks out the very best that the small business community has to offer on a global basis.

Awards Coordinator Steve Simpson took a moment to comment on the success of those recognised in this year’s programme:

“It has been an extraordinarily tough year for small businesses all over the world. As such, it has been important to double down on our efforts to acknowledge the successes and achievements of those who are continuing to thrive and grow in an environment that seems particularly challenging. With that in mind, I offer a sincere congratulations to all of our 2020 winners. I hope you all have a fantastic new year.”

To learn more about the businesses recognised in the 2020 awards programme please visit http://www.cv-magazine.com

Recognising Excellence

‘Noticing businesses for doing truly great things within their field’ is what Corporate Vision’s Awards aim to do, and to be recognised as Best Security Services Provider 2020 – UK is great, especially in the highly competitive security sector that we operate within.

Farsight prides itself on its commitment to vigilance, innovation and high levels of service, and this award recognises these qualities.  However, as nice as it is to win an award, what remains the priority for Farsight is how our customers feel about us – see our customer reviews here.

Further Reading

You see the Corporate Vision Small Business Awards – Full Winners Listing 2020 here as well as the winners booklet – Link

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