September saw 20% more CCTV alarm activations

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In our experience as a leading remote security monitoring station in the UK, we have witnessed a clear increase in fire and intruder related incidents at premises that we monitor since April this year. September was no exception, the Farsight remote monitoring team responded to a massive 20% more alarm activations than the same period last year.

In fact, we received highest number of alarm activations this September when compared to any September over the past three years. We recently published an article examining the significant increase in reported crimes across the UK since lockdown restrictions were eased in April:

UK Crime statistics 2021


Additional factors such as the chaos caused across the UK as a result of the recent fuel supply chain disruptions have also directly contributed to incidents that we have responded to. In fact, Farsight issued a security warning urging businesses to ensure their security is optimised to mitigate the addition security and safety risks that this posed – below:

Fuel security

Is now a good time to make sure your premises, assets and people are protected with a monitored security solution?

Most definitely – yes.  With a clear and significant rise in physical crime incidents affecting businesses across the UK, it is certainly as good time to review the security measures that are in place.

It is also worth considering the seasonal affects to security risks too, with crimes such as burglary often increasing during Autumn which heralds a host of potential security vulnerabilities that can exploited by unscrupulous criminals brought on by darker nights, weather changes, maintenance related issues and more…

Farsight has collated seven essential Autumn security tips to help you make sure your security systems are fully optimised and do what they should – when it counts:

Essential Autumn Security Tips


Five key benefits of choosing a CCTV remote monitoring solution…

We talk a lot about the ‘proactive’ crime prevention benefits that monitored CCTV surveillance can deliver.  We define these as  – Deterrence, Detection, Prevention and Response.

Monitored CCTV surveillance has become an essential pillar of security delivering the ability to proactively prevent many crimes from progressing as well as retrospectively enabling crucial investigation of incidents that do progress despite the presence of the preventative security measures.

Proactive CCTV security

Deterrence through the presence of CCTV surveillance and prevention of incident progression with ‘front footed’ CCTV operator response which includes audio deterrent warnings and real-time escalation to keyholders and blue light first responders.

In September alone, Farsight’s CCTV monitoring operators issued a whopping 7,305 audio deterrent warningsThat is a lot of potential incidents deterred from progressing further!

However, CCTV camera footage of an incident can be vital in providing ‘retrospective’ benefits too.

Retrospective CCTV security

CCTV footage can provide crucial evidence to support police and other emergency services in gathering evidence relating to an incident.  This evidence can, under certain circumstances, be used in court to support prosecution.

In the below article  explore the top five proactive and retrospective security benefits of monitored CCTV surveillance in more detail…

benefits of monitored CCTV


Let Farsight help you optimise your security with a remote monitoring solution

As a leading UK based remote monitoring station, Farsight works with security systems installers, residential properties and business sites across the UK, to help protect their premises, assets and people with our range of security monitoring services.  Our services Include:

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