Farsight Prize Draw

June’s Partner Prize Draw

  Adapting to change is something every business has had to focus on during these past months.  Farsight has worked hard to ensure that we continue to provide continuity in…

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catatlytic converter theft

Catalytic Converter Theives Arrested

  Last week, Farsight’s remote CCTV operators’ quick response and vigilance were instrumental in the arrest of thieves at one of the many national car dealership forecourts that we monitor….

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anti social behaviour

‘Fast & Furious’ Weekend in Lincolnshire

  This weekend Farsight’s remote monitoring CCTV operators were alerted to a gathering of people outside a Household Waste& Recycling Centre in Lincolnshire.  However, they were not waiting for it…

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Farsight spot the intruder

Spot The Intruder #3

  Can you spot the intruder lurking on this transportation sector premises? Check if you’re right below… It is estimated that 1 in 5 businesses are impacted by theft, vandalism…

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